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There are a lot of reasons that replacing your siding has risen to become one of the most popular home improvements, but perhaps the biggest of these is cost. Vinyl siding costs remain one of the smartest investments to a home when you combine insulation with a siding material that is attractive, durable, and nearly maintenance free, it's easy to see why vinyl siding remains our Clients favorite Project to be part of.


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Figuring out the Vinyl Siding Cost for your Home

We've established that vinyl siding prices run $25 to $75 per linear foot, but what does that mean for your home when it comes to total cost? To figure that out, you'll need to multiply those numbers by the exterior square footage of your home. To get a rough estimate of your exterior square footage, add the length of your home to the width and call the Professional.  Do a little more math and you'll discover the reality that your vinyl siding prices should run anywhere from $13,800 to $20,800 not including extras and unexpected expenses. As with any major home improvement project, the unexpected is the norm, not the exception. Vinyl siding projects are no different.


What to Look for in Vinyl Siding
Vinyl siding quality varies, and with vinyl siding you definitely get what you pay for. When you purchase vinyl siding you should shop for several things. The first is thickness. Vinyl siding usually comes in thicknesses of .035 to .055 inches thick, and most quality brands have a thickness between .040 to .048 inches. Generally, the thicker the better. From high winds to hailstorms, the thicker your siding, the more likely it is to hold up against severe weather. The other thing to consider here is installation. Poorly installed siding can easily pull off in extreme weather, so it's important that it's installed correctly if you want it to live up to expectations. If you've got the skills to do it yourself, you can shave a large amount off your vinyl siding cost by doing it on your own. If you're unsure of your ability to do a professional grade job, then you're better off hiring a siding contractor so you won't experience larger problems down the road.



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