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The VELUX proven “No Leak” Skylight and Sun Tunnel are available with an A+ warranty program that includes 20 years on the glass, 10 years on installation, and 5 years on blinds and controls.  The roof light options features multiple layers of water protection, advanced LoE3 glass for better light efficiency, higher visible light transmittance, and an improved solar heat gain performance.  McAfee's Remodeling is a Rochester's Top Professional Installer of these Velux Products.



 Solar Light Tunnel    


VELUX No Leak Skylight and Sun Tunnels are energy and light efficient

The no leak skylight and sun tunnel will exceed projected 2019 energy saving requirements

Includes energy performance glazing with multiple layer patented coatings

LoE3-366 glass reduces window heat gain by over 64% compared to ordinary glass, and 35% compared with LoE2


Solar skylight opened  installation of sun tunnel   Attic view of sun tunnel


 McAfee's Remodeling is one of New York's Remodeling Contractors diversifying in many areas of Home rennovations and construction and is now labeled one of Rochester, New York Skylight Specialists.  


Over the past few years local area manufacturers and wholesalers have been pooling their resources and knowledge to help make a better roof daylight project and put key people in place for the installation.  






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