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Mike M 04/07/2016

Starting a Remodeling Project: Looking at Long-Term Value

The average homeowner in this country doesn’t seem happy with staying put for very long, pulling up stakes and moving every few years. Due to the nature of Rochester, New York homeowners, remodeling is no longer just about having your dream home. Making changes in a home is also seen as a way to add value in preparation for resale. Analyzing the future and long-term benefits of hiring McAfee's Remodeling is very important.


If you have decided to remodel your home it is important to ask yourself if you are remodeling solely for personal reasons, or if you are looking at the bigger picture and remodeling with the intent of increasing your home equity. Your response to this question and how you plan to move ahead with your project can affect your home's value and any potential profit you make from selling or renting your home.


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