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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Mike McAfee 08/10/2016

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas


Today's trend seems to push people to spending large amounts of money on Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling.  The bathroom doesn't have to cost large amounts of money to remodel.  If done wisely and costs considered; a typical bathroom can be completely remodeled between $8-12k dollars.  Don't be fooled by large box stores that will charge double that cost, when you can hire local independant contractors for the work.  At McAfee's Remodeling LLC we find the typical bathroom taking about 1-2 weeks to completely change all facets of the bathroom.  Having a secondary bathroom option makes it easier to remodel the first bathroom at ease.  Making arrangements for bathroom use while remodeling an only bathroom in the house can be extremely uncomfortable and inconvenient to a homeowner.  A well planned and executed Bathroom remodeling project is doable with the right local contractor.  McAfee's Remodeling comes with experienced technicians and office staff that knows the ins and outs of remodeling a bathroom in a time saving way.  From selecting tile, faucets, fixtures, colors and options; all decisions should be made well prior to starting the project.  There's less stress to a well planned project.  


Today's culture demands a "do it yourself" or "get it now" because of budge restraints.  Using a home equity account or a remodeling loan can be the right idea to affording your next bathroom remodeling project.  Don't be fooled by Credit card scams, or big box store loans when using a bank for your fianancing is the right method.  Sometimes a small bathroom make over is more affordable than doing a full project.  A bathroom make over usually consists of a new floor, paint, toilet, and fixtures.  A full bathroom project usually requires removing a tub, shower, vanity, floors and re-doing the layout.  Take the time to consider which project is better for you before trying to budget your project.  Getting the right budget in order requires having a detailed plan and planner like McAfee's Remodeling.



Some things to consider when doing a bathroom; size matters and space needs to be designed with smart thinking.  Also, handicap features are now being demanded for all kinds of consumers, not just the handicap customers.  People want safe ways for moving around in a bathroom and time saving efforts when it comes to cleaning and maintaining.  More and more consumers are switching to tile floors and tile walls to guarantee themselves a lifetime project and not having to re-do the bathroom again in 5-10 years.  A good tiled bathroom yields 20-30 years life span if maintained, and better resale value in the future.  Some large costs in a bathroom are the vanity, vanity top, and fixtures.  Look for deals at box stores for the all in one purchase where you can get the vanity and vanity top for one price.  


Best advice in doing a Bathroom, keep calm, as there can be a lot of work in a short amount of time and stress can overwhelm the contractor into making silly mistakes or rushing the project.  Set the tone for the project by having dates planned and all material shipped to the jobsite to keep the contractor from running back and forth to the store for things.  A well executed project leads to a great relationship between you and the contractor.  

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