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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas
Mike McAfee 08/10/2016
Professional Installers
Mike M 06/16/2016
In today's economy Remodeling has been taken to a new level of requirement for the Professionals taking the lead in the workforce.  The need for hiring the Professional Installers has become the topic of discussion with wholesale distribution centers looking to the local Professionals to push the products.  The busy life of a Technician doesn't allow all the time for the direct relationship with the Client, thus homeowners feeling left out of the planning stage.  
McAfee's and You
Mike M 05/07/2016
If you’re planning your next home remodeling project, it’s important to do some serious planning ahead of time. It’s Important that you know the details of what you want to accomplish as well as figuring out how you’re going to pay for the project and material cost. If your remodeling is extensive you might need to look into getting a loan for your project. McAfee's Remodeling can walk you through the many steps of the home remodeling process.
Starting your Project
Mike M 04/07/2016
The average homeowner in this country doesn’t seem happy with staying put for very long, pulling up stakes and moving every few years.
The Best Remodeling Ideas
Mike M 03/07/2016
Even if you’re not planning to sell your home anytime soon, it’s an inevitable question when you consider remodeling: How much will this improvement add to the value of my home? Surprisingly, much of the time the answer is not as much value as it costs to actually make the improvement.  

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