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McAfee's Remodeling was developed in Spencerport, New York by the McAfee Family in 1990.  After a few years the company has grown to more than just family known commonly as McAfee's Remodeling LLC, a full scale Brockport, New York Remodeling company.  The company focuses on Client needs, whether they be disability accomodations, upgrades to the home, or creation of better living arrangements.   


 Our returning Clients have raved about the immediate attention to details and response to their needs.  Many locals rely on the Handyman division of McAfee's Team to do interior painting, plumbing and electrical repairs, dryer vent replacements, window and door caulking, siding and roofing repairs, and so much more.  The elderly depend on this local business for fair prices and the constant smile from the Team that shows Love and Harmony throughout every Project. 


 McAfee's Remodeling LLC McAfee's Remodeling LLC 


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